How to add default upload contents in youtube channel

You can save time on youtube uploading your content by adding default uploads that are common to every video content that you add in your channel.
You only need to add Title and description and the tags for the videos that you upload.
Having logged into youtube studio, we need to click settings tab here.
We can click Channel status and features link on this page.
Next in the pop-up, click upload defaults. here in basic info section we can leave the title section blank as we need to constantly change the title everytime we upload new video to our channel.
In the description section we can add all other contents that will be automatically added when we upload a video. information like social media links, youtube playlists, channel tag, or any other promotional link. But video description and video tags are very specific to the video we upload, so we need to add when we upload a video everytime.
We can change the video visiblity settings as private, unlisted or public for all future video uploads before its published.
In advanced settings we can changes all these settings like video license, video langauge, title language, comments and caption certification as the defaults.
We can confirm with a new video upload, all the defaults information and settings are added automatically on every new video uploaded in the channel saving us lot of time everytime we upload a new video.
With this we have come to the end of this video blog.
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