How to Promote Youtube Channel in Facebook Page – Facebook Channel setup in facebook page

In this video, you will learn how to connect facebook page to youtube channel to drive traffic from facebook.
You can learn how to add subscribe button to connect and drive traffic to our youtube channel to get more subscribers from facebook.
You can learn how to add your youtube channel on facebook page with a watch video button to prompt facebook users to click and watch your business or brand videos on youtube.
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First, we need to Log into our facebook profile account and open our facebook page.
Next, You can see here add a button tab, we can connect this button to our youtube channel.
We need to click on it. Next, here in the pop-up window we can click, watch video option.
Next, here we can add our youtube channel URL link here or our youtube channel subcribe button link we setup earlier in the video and save changes.
And facebook button has been connected to our youtube channel or the youtube video or with our youtube channel subcribe button link.
We can confirm the button performance by clicking and testing it.
And we are done with this tutorial. If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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