How to connect Paypal profile link to youtube channel to get paid

In this video tutorial you can learn how to custom create paypal link that can be used for business and personal purpose and add it in youtube channel banner art.
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Now, lets get started with the process. We need to first log into our paypal account and next, click My Paypal in the top menu bar.
Next click Tools tab, this option is available to paypal business account and not personal account. If you dont have a business paypal account, you can convert your personal paypal into business paypal or create a new one, lets continue with the process.
And next we need to click All tools in the drop down menu. In paypal tools and resources page, click open tab to enter Request Payment section.
Here we can create a customised paypal link with as the prefix, which we can tweet or post on facebook page or share to request payments or donations.
Next to continue we need to create profile. Add our photo or your company logo or brand image from our computer here.
Next, here you can type and create a unique relatable paypal link which can look more professional to share. Once custom paypal link availablity is confirmed, we can review the paypal link and agree to terms and conditions. And we are done creating custom paypal profile link.
We can add our customised profile link in our youtube channel account.
Login to our youtube channel and click profile icon. And next click your channel tab.
Next click Customised Tab. Next click about link. Scroll down to the bottom, and click links button where we can click and add paypal custom link.
Copy and paste cutom paypal link from link in this field and save changes.
Youtube viewers can click paypal link on channel banner art and pay donation to support our channel.
And done successfully.
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