How to add social media page links in you tube channel

In this video you can learn how to add social media page links in you tube channel.
We need to log into the you tube channel, next need to click channel icon, and from the drop down menu we need to click your channel tab.
Next on this page we need to click Customized channel tab. Here again we need to click about tab.
Here we need to click Links Tab here to setup social media links.
Next click add button, here we can add link title in this field and here in next field we can add social media link and click done button to save the changes.
We can add 5 web links here, we can add social media links like face book business page, twitter profile link, Instagram profile or business link, pay pal profile link. Title of the social media page here in this field and next we can add the URL of the social media page in this field and finally save changes we made here.
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And done with this video tutorial.
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