Drive traffic from Youtube channel to WordPress site

In this video You can learn to add website to promote in youtube channel.
You can send traffic to your website from youtube.
In youtube studio dashboard, we need to click settings tab on the left.
Next, Under channel tab we need to click advanced settings tab.
Next, click advanced channel settings link in this page. Here, in this field here we need add and associate website into youtube channel.
But, First we need to verify the website ownership.verify, we need to follow one of the method available in youtube.
We can verify with HTML File Upload method, If we have a website hosting account which is ideal for HTML websites.
We need to download this html verification file and again upload website folder of hosting account and verify it.
Or we can use alternative methods, HTML Tag method, domain name provider, using Google analytics method or the Google Tag method.
In this tutorial video, we will verify website using HTML Tag method, under this HTML Tag method, all we need to do is add the meta tag code in the header section of the header dot PHP page in wordpress.
It is easy to verify ordpress site, using this method. We need to head to theme editor in wordpress dashboard.
Click appearance tab and then Theme editor option. Lets click and open header dot PHP file.
Next, enter the HTML meta tag between the head tags of the header dot PHP file and save the changes.
Next, we can go back to google site under, google webmaster console page, we can click and verify the ownership of the wordpress website.And done, sucessfully here in google webmaster central page.
We can confirm the same in youtube advanced channel settings page.
With this, here after we can add our verified wordpress website link in youtube video cards and youtube video end screen to promote and drive youtube viewer traffic to the verified site. And we are done.
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