Download Royalty FREE Music – Use Music and Sound with NO Copyright Issue – Youtube Audio Library

In this video you can learn how to download royalty free music from youtube that does not attract copyright issues.
Adding sounds and music to our youtube videos enhances the viewership of our videos on youtube, be it for background music or sound effects for our logo animation.
You need to be logged into our channel to access youtube audio library.
In youtube studio dashboard, we can find Audio library tab on the left hand side.
We can search audio based on title, author, mood or genre here, listen to them and download audio sound or music to be used in our youtube videos.
We can click here and go back to the classic version here. We have both music and sound tabs where we can hear the music or sound, and download it to use it in our videos.
We can hear to the track and and if intrested we can download the track and add it to our youtube videos.
But we need to add attribution to the author and his website link if any in the description section like I have done in the description section below my video as I have added music in my logo animation of my youtube tutorial videos.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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