Create Youtube Shorts video

We will see how to create youtube shorts.
Lets continue, we need to click and open youtube app and next lets click this Plus Icon.
Next, we can click this ‘Create a Short’ tab to create a short video.
Here, on the screen you can see options like Add music from this list of music here.
Next, We can select a video speed format, either very slow, slow, normal, fast or very fast.
Next, we can select the duration of the video to be at 3, 10, 20 seconds or we can also drag this playhead and place anywhere between the 15 seconds mark to be recorded.
Finally, we can click Start button, the short video starts recording and stops at the timer setup by us here.
Next, short video recording is completed,we can add title for the video and next upload the video for public viewing.
Or select unlisted, private or scheduled, any one option along with other settings.
And done with the video uploading to our youtube channel. Next we can monetize the short video with our youtube studio app.
To view youtube shorts monetization CLICK HERE.
Next, Here we can add other video promotion data like video description, video hash tags, add video to playlists and video tags.
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