How to create interactive POLL in Youtube

In todays designo desk tutorial, you can learn how to create polls on youtube to communicate with and interact with channel subscribers and channel visitors.
First click this create tab in the top and again you need to click this Create Post tab from this list.
Here we are taken to the community tab where we can create the youtube poll to engage our channel subcribers and visitors.
We can type in our poll question or statement here.
Next, we can click the poll icon and setup the option to choose from. We can add more than two option one below the other with this plus icon.
Next, here we can type in the poll option one below the other, we can add more than two option with this add another option link.
Next, we can either post the poll immediately or schedule it for a different date and time.
Lets post the poll right away and you can see here the poll post is active.
We can open the community tab in another browser and test the poll.
And you can see how the interaction with polls helps us get more information on what topics the visitors are intrested in.
Like this, we can add as much as polls on different topics and gather information and gain more viewers and subscribers based on what feedback we get from our subscribers and visitors to our channel.
Please Note this community post option or community post tab is available to channels that has more than 1000 subscribers.
We are done with this youtube poll tutorials.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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