How to export WordPress post to Google Blogger site

In this video, learn how to export all your posts in wordpress to google blogger site as adding your posts in blogger site can be beneficial from SEO point of view.
In wordpress dashboard we need to first click tools tab and again select export tab.
Next, as we only want to export wordpress posts here, we can select post option and again we can select all categories or certain specific category here.
We can also select posts on the basic of author and date range too, once we are done with the selction we can download them in our computer. Next, this download file is formatted as per wordpress platform.
So to convert it to blogger platform, we need to head to this site, you can find the link below this video too.
We can upload here and convert the wordpress formatted file to blogger format file. And done converting.
Now we need to head to google blogger site, select the blogsite in which we want add or import all the wordpress posts.
Next, we need to click settings tab and scroll down and click Import Content under Manage Blog section.
We can import the blog post file converted for blogger site and done.
We can click posts tab and confirm sucessfull importing of wordpress posts into our blogger site.
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