Install and Setup Paypal smart button in Weebly Website

You can setup paypal smart button with paypal which is a new addition to paypal payment buttons where the customers and buyers have the option of making payments either with paypal or with their credit card when they buy goods or services in your weebly website without any coding language in just few steps.
So lets start the process. This is a two process video.
First Step : Configure the smart button code in Paypal
We need to setup the paypal smart button in paypal account.
And second step is we need to install the paypal smart button in weebly site.
With the smart paypal button, customers or buyers can pay either through their paypal account with their paypal balance or they can use their a credit card right on the website to make payment for the goods and services sold by you or your business.
It`s very easy and simple to setup this smart paypal payment button, anyone with little or no knowledge of coding setup and install it. Let me show how it`s done.
First, we need to log into our paypal account,
Next, we need to click ” Pay and Get Paid ” link in the top bar.
On this page you will come across a couple of buttons types, the usual old fashioned simple paypal button without any credit card payment option and smart buttons which has the option of credit card payments along with the regular paypal option.
We need to select this first ” smart buttons ” Option.
You can see here we have lots of settings to fill and configure the paypal smart button.
This is where we can configure the button and this side we can see the button live preview as we complete the necessasary data for the smart button setup.
Here, we need to analyse what type of product price we adding and select the button type.
Fixed price allows the customer to buy one single product or service at a time. There is no option to buy more than one product here. Ideal button for single item product or services.
Single Select list gives the customer the option to buy one single product buy from a group of similar products like shirt with different color option.
Variable price allows the customer to pay whatever price they feel the product is worth or they feel they can pay can be entered in this field.
In this first field customers can enter description and in the second field they can enter the price they wish to pay for the product.
In this video we will see how to fixed price button option for the product.
We need to enter product description in the item description field.
Here we can enter the actual price of the product and select the currency type, we can select either the local currency of our country if we selling within the country or we can select U.S dollar if we are selling the product globaly.
Next, we can enter flat cost for shipping fee for the product ir-respective of the destination. If we are selling any digital product like a ebook that is downloadable we need not enter any shipping price or services like designing website or video tutorial membership site.
Here we can add the tax percentage for the product to be charged.
Next, we can setup the smart button style and color.
First, we can either select the vertical or horizontal button type, but with horizontal we can only add the paypal button option.
We can select either the rectangle or pill shaped buttons.
And for button color we have blue yellow or the gold color, blue, silver, white and black, we can select the color as per our site theme.
Finally, we can select the text that is going to be visible on the button from the list of options.
Once we are satisfied with the button type and all other smart button settings, we can copy the code and paste the code into out weebly site or store.
Second Step : Install Paypal smart button code in Weebly site
Next step is to install this smart paypal button in weebly website.
Once we log into our weebly website we need to select the weebly site in which we want to install the paypal smart button if we have more than one site,
Next we can select the weebly page in which we intend to install the paypal button code.
Here we can add a new section into the weebly page for the smart button and next we need to select and move the embed code option.
Here we can paste the Paypal smart button code we copied in paypal account and publish the settings.
We can test the paypal smart button to see if the paypal payment button as well as the credit card payment button is performing well. You can see it is done perfectly.
And we have completed the video process.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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