How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking ID in Weebly Site Analyse Web traffic data

In this video we will learn how to setup or configure google analytics tracking ID and Tracking code in Weebly website.
First Step:
We need to create google analytics tracking ID.
Search for google analytics in your browser and Sign into google analytics website. Next click Set Up for free button.
Here, we need to create a account Enter a suitable account name. next tick and select data sharing options below that you prefer. click next button.
Next, on this page you can select either of the three option to measure analytics of the web visitors on your website or youtube channel or your web apps or both web and apps. analytics on what pages they visited, or video they viewed or the minutes they viewed or the country from which they viewed and more.
Since, in this video we are creating google analytics code for youtube channel, here we need to select web option.
Next, on this page enter the property address we want to track analytics. Here the property being youtube channel, hence youtube channel name.
Next, URL link of the property, here we need to add youtube channel URL link. So let me head to the youtube channel, copy and paste the URL link here.
Select the industry category of the property here, like designing or clothing or electronics the channel video promote or pertain to.
Next, select the country and time zone you reside in. Finally, click create button to create the google analytics code.
Before that, we need to agree to google analytics terms of service. This is google analytics tracking ID and this is the google analytics tracking code.
We need to add this google analytics ID in our weebly website. Next Step is to copy and add the Tracking ID in weebly website.
Second Step:
In weebly account, we need to select the site in which we want to add tracking id, if we have more than one site.
Next, we need to click the settings tab on the left and next click the general tab on this page.
Next, scroll down to the Tracking section and here we need to click Edit button.
Next, we need to paste the google tracking ID and save settings here.
And done setting the tracking id in weebly site we can get web sata from weebly site in a couple of days and take informed decision.
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