How to setup custom URL to your Twitter profile account

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In this video you can learn how to setup custom URL to your Twitter profile account.
When we create a twitter account we are given a default profile link, we can change it to suit our name or brand name or company. So lets see how to do it in this video.
First, we need to log into our twitter account, next we need to click more option below our profile tab on the left site of the page
Next we need to click settings and privacy tab here.
Next, Under account section, we need to click username section.
Next in username field ,lets type and enter the the username that best suits our name or brand and save the changes.
Now if you go to your profile you can see your twitter handle and you twitter profile URL link will be changed to the username we configured now.
We have come to end of this video, If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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