How to setup Dual Monitors with Windows 10

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In this video I will show you to setup dual monitors on your windows 10 computer.
First Step, we need to setup the Monitors to the Computer system.
We can use the default VGA port and conect with VGA to VGA Cable on one monitor like this.
The second monitor we can connect to the HDMI port or the DVI port.
Since not all montiors have HDMI and DVI port. A VGA to HDMI adapter or VGA to DVI adapter can be used and connected to VGA port.
You can find links to HDMI and DVI adapters in the description section of this video.
The second step, we need to Detect the two montiors in our computer.
So we need to perform the following steps.
First, we need to right click and select Display Settings tab.
Next, on this screen we can click and detect both the montiors, but the other monitor is not detected here.
Lets solve this display monitor settings now.
We need to type and search for Device Managers and next we need to select Display Adapters.
We need to update the ” Display Drivers” from the internet.
And done, both the right and left monitors are displayed here.
We can use any one of them as the Primary monitor. We can change the monitor VGA and HDMI cables to make the right or the left monitor as the primary and secondary monitor.
With this we have come to the end of this video.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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