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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your written content with a goal of making it findable to rank it in the top on the search engines like Google, Bing. This can be achieved by the use of appropriate keywords and writing better content that can be easily findable to the search engine users.

The main purpose of SEO writing is nothing but creating content which answers the user’s intent so that the content reaches to the top in the search engine’s first page. If your content is good it will be ranked to the top position or else your content will be placed way back in the search engine pages. So along with trying to get your content in the first page of the search engine, you should try for it to be placed in the top position, as the content-links which are displayed at top of the page get the most number of clicks.

SEO writing is very important because it is a basic marketing technique that helps as well as increases the traffic to reach your website.

Using pay-per-click kind of advertising(PPC advertising) can get you traffic as long as you are willing to pay, rather it is very important that you create a content rightly applicable to a user’s search and increase your website traffic in a free and organic manner i.e., without any form of advertising.


Leading search engines like Google, Bing have “spiders” or “bots” that crawl through the Internet to find, index and rank the sites. This is how when we enter a search, a list of websites with relevant content is delivered by the search engines. Your content should be created keeping in mind the relevant subject or product which the user is searching.

To get your site in front of a bigger audience you need to use the frequently used keywords applicable to the product of search by mastering the keyword research. It takes some amount of research to understand the proper use of keywords to create top content in your website.

In order to make your content easily discoverable by search engines, it is essential to include relevant keywords throughout your writing. The most important keywords should appear in the first half of your content to be easily detected by the search engine. This is called LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

Applying Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to your writing can improve your search engine ranking. LSI keywords are closely related to your main keyword and contribute to the overall relevance of your content.

Google uses LSI technology to index web pages and prioritizes those that contain LSI keywords. By including LSI keywords in your writing, you can increase your chances of ranking at the top of Google search results.

There are two types of keywords: Long-tail keywords (three or more words) give more focus to your topic and get more traffic and Short-tail keywords (one word). So you need to first master to get familiar with the keywords research which is the first step in the process of optimizing your content.

Types of SEO: On-Page, Technical and Off-Page SEO


A quote written by Bill Gates ‘Content is King’, was published on the Microsoft website, in which he said that content is where he expects most money will be made on the internet, as it was with broadcasting. And that turned out to be true. So always write contents which are unique, engaging to the readers, plagiarism free with the right titles, and no spelling mistakes to get Google and other search engine algorithms to rank your content to the top.

Google keeps looking for new and fresh content to index, so it is necessary that you keep creating new content and keep posting frequently to stay at the top.

The use of proper URL structure is very important so that the link is readable.

Make sure you are using the right title tags which are not more than 60 characters optimizing the title as Google chops rest of the characters. The search engines show the Meta description which is nothing but brief description of that page which should not be longer than 150 characters.

Optimize the images used in your content with the right image name and include an Alt Tag( alternative text for an image) which contains the description of that image.

Linking content both internally and as well as externally.
Internally linking means linking the content inside your website itself with your previous content which simultaneously boosts your previous content and encourages the reader to explore your website more.
External linking means links of other websites to your content indicating to the search engines that your content is useful to readers across web.

Technical SEO is what fixes the technical issues of your website like
    A. To make sure there are no broken or incomplete links
    B. Monitoring your website speed so your website loads faster
    C. Optimize the images to the right size and make sure they remain light in a way not to affect the website loading speed.
    D. And the last and most important point is to make sure your website is mobile friendly boosting the ranking on mobile search results
Off-Page SEO means working outside your website by optimizing the content to get external links in other words back links (links from one website page to a page on another website) to the website. These back links act as a gauge to the content of your website in search engines because of which your website will rank above other websites.
Strategies you should use to drive traffic to your website and build your brand:
  • Back linking
  • Content marketing like blog posts, posting survey, research or case studies.
  • Capture and retain your audience with good info graphics which are user-friendly will undoubtedly increase traffic to your website.
  • Social media marketing means marketing across different platforms on the web where we can build social networks and share information regarding our website.
  • Guest blogging means writing in other websites which will in turn provide back-link to your content and increase awareness of your website.
  • Podcasts are becoming an essential part of the marketing strategy which helps you reach new audience, share your knowledge and rank in Apple’s Podcast, which is a search engine.
  • Video marketing: many people prefer watching videos to learn about a product/subject than read the descriptions given. With channels like YouTube it has become the most effective method of marketing in the recent years. Videos are in a way helping people to make a decision based on their search.
Your content should be such that the reader should have the relevent information of his search topic by the time he finishes reading your article. So create content that answers the search user’s intent and is optimized for search engines to discover, index and rank it.
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