Open New Paypal Account to Recieve payments

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First we need to register and open an paypal account.
We can either open paypal individual account or business account.
If you have a business and want to setup business paypal account you can select the second option.
We will set up individual paypal account in this video tutorial.
Next we need to enter our phone number and verify one time password.
On this page, we need to provide our personal information like our full name and address.
Next, on this page we need to enter and link our debit or credit card number along with our shipping address.
Next, need to complete this small payment so that our debit or credit card is verified as valid by paypal account.
That is all we need to do, our individual paypal account is setup, we can buy goods and services or pay through our paypal account.
But if we need to recieve money from overseas clients we need to verify our paypal account in our paypal registered email account.
And we are done verifying, next we need to fill some more information in our paypal account like our country personal identification number and other details.
Next, we need to select a purpose for which we are recieving the money like goods sold or services we are rendering or activity we are involved through which we will get paid from global clients.
Next, when we recieve money in our paypal account, we need to transfer the amount to our bank account, so we need to enter a valid bank account and link it in paypal account.
when we recieve money in our paypal account, it will be automatically transfered to our bank account mentioned in paypal within 4 to 5 days into our bank account.
Now to verify and get our bank approved, paypal will send 2 small amount payments to our bank account, we need to note them and enter the same into our paypal account to get verified like this.
We have completed the verification of our bank account in paypal, we can recieve money into paypal accoutn which will be trasferred into our bank account here after automatically.
With this we have come to the end of this video.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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