How to downgrade Paypal account from Business to Personal account

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You can learn how to downgrade paypal account from business to personal in this video tutorial.
We need to login into our business paypal account first.
Next, scroll down the page and click contact link.
Next, in paypal support page, need to click account profile and setup tab.
Here in this page, enter upgrade or downgrade account tab.
Again on this page, click contact us link which will take us to the message center.
On this page we have three options, one sending message to paypal assistant to downgrade our paypal account.
Or contact paypal community by sharing our query on downgrading paypala ccount in the paypal comunnity page.
Or we can make a call and ontact paypal support team to assist in downgrading our paypal account.
We can do any of the above methods to solve our paypal account downgrade.
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