Change the Primary Currency in Paypal Account

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In this video I will teach you, how you make any global currency as the primary currency in paypal.
First we need to log into our paypal account.
We need to click either paypal balance text link or this three dotted more option in paypal balance section.
And again we need to click Manage currencies tab.
Here, you can see Australian dollar as my preferred primary currency.
Usually, by default you will find the currency of your country of residence as the primary currency.
Now we can change any of the currecy here as the primary currency.
Here, lets make the US dollar as the primary currency, we can select the US currency here and set as the primary currency.
And done, Now you can see US dollar as the primary currency to send or recieve payments.
Lets see what to do when we can`t find our currency of choice that we need as the primary currency.
To add a currency as the primary currency that is not visible in our paypal account.
We need to click Add a Currency link here.
Next we can select and add the currency that we want it to be visible in our paypal money balance page.
Next, to make it the primary currency, we need to click the three dotted more option and select ‘ make primary tab’ and set that currency as the ‘primary currency’.
With this we have come to the end of this video.
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