How to post in Instagram from your computer

In this video I will teach you, how you post into your instagram from your computer.
First, in our browser we need to log into our instagram account.
In computer screen mode, we cannot upload any photo to instagram. We need to access mobile mode in our browser.
So to do that, we need to right click and from the pop-up menu select inspect tab,
Next, we need to click this toggle devices toolbar that looks like a mobile phone and ipad icon.
And next we can select any mobile device type from this list here.
Next we need to refresh the web page, and now you can see all the icons of a typical instagram mobile screen.
We can click this Plus icon in the center of the screen and upload the photo to our instagram account.
We can add filters like we do in our phone, and next click edit tab here to proceed with the posting process.
Next, we can add the post caption here along with the hash tags and continue the process.
We can tag people to the instagram post along with adding the location.
Finally we can share the post in our instagram account.
And you can see we have successfully posted into our instagram account from our computer.
With this we have come to the end of this video.
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