How to Verify Instagram Account is Hacked | Verify Hack and Safe Guard Instagram Account

These days its hard to say that, my social media accounts are completely safe from being hacked.
In this video you can learn how to verify if anyone has hacked into your Instagram account and safely change the password.
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So lets get started with the video process. Having logged into our Instagram account, we need to go to and view our Instagram security settings screen.
Here under login activity, we can see all the location where our account was logged into along with the phone brand and model.
Here, in my phone, login location is all at one place and same brand of phone, hence no one has hacked my phone.
But, in case if this location was wrong along with model of phone, then we can click and change the password to save guard our Instagram account.
We can also visit and access data of login time as well as the logged out time in my Instagram account along with the viewing the search history on my Instagram account.
And done with the tutorial, If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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