How to forward business Email or Web mail to our regular Gmail account

In this video, you can learn to forward business email or web mail to our regular gmail account, as we need not be constantly logging into business email account to see if we received any email.
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First, we need to log into go-daddy account and next click manage under web hosting section and again click CPanel admin tab in the next page.
In CPanel settings page, scroll down and click forwarders link under Email section.
Next, Click Add forwarder tab here. On this page we can configure the forwarding email account.
Select the username of the forwarding email account. And next select the domain associated with the email account username.
Next type the destination or the forward to email account here, we can enter gmail account id here and next we can click add forwarder and save the changes entered. And we have successfully created the forwarder for the business email account.
We can confirm the forwarder is working by sending a email to Designo page business email account. Lets compose a dummy email and send it to the jenny at Designo page business email account.
Here, we have received the email in our business email account and lets check the forwarded email account . And the same email has been forwarded to gmail account.
And we are done creating business email forwarder to gmail account successfully.
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