How to delete the website email in godaddy cpanel – 2020

Well in a business, employees keep joining and quiting and we do create business emails for them to communicate on behalf of the business.
So when a employee quits the business, we need to delete the website email.
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Let me walk you through step by step into the process. In our godaddy account, we need to click manage under webhosting section and again we need to click cpanel admin tab.
Next in cpanel settings page, we need to scroll down to email section and click Email accounts option.
And on this email setup page we can see we have couple of website emails created
We can select the email that we want to delete it here and delete it.
And again confirm deletion of the business email and done the entire emails within the account and the contents are permanently gone with the deletion.
And we are done with this video tutorial, If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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