Get FREE SSL Certificate In Website Configure Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Site

Follow steps to add FREE SSL Certificate [ https:// ] along with Padlock in your wordpress site domain
SSL Certificate is very important for every website to safe guard their data and web content.
First, we need to setup Free SSL Plugin in WordPress site.
Second, create and setup account in a site called Cloud Flare, which issues Free SSL Certificates and add the WordPress website in this site.
Third, Change Name Servers in the website domain site.
Fourth, Enable the SSL Certificate in Cloud Flare site.
So lets get into the video tutorial.
First Step:
Free SSL Certificate Plugin Set up in WordPress site.
In wordpress plugin page, we can search for this Flexible SSL from Cloud Flare. We need to install it and activate the plugin.
Second Step:
Create and setup Cloud Flare account.
Once we have completed installation of the SSL Plugin from Cloud Flare, We need to head to Cloud Flare site and register and open an account.
Next, in Cloud Flare site, we need to click this ‘Add Site’ button and in this website field we can add the website domain name and submit.
Next, in this page we need to select the Free Plan and continue with the process.
Here, all the DNS technical data is being propagated for the SSL Certificate.
In this page you can see the name servers of Cloud Flare, we need to add this name servers in the website domain site where we purchased the domain name under DNS Records.
My website domain name was purchased with Godaddy, you may have your domain name purchased in any domain name company, but the procedure is the same.
Third Step:
We need to Change and Update the Cloud Flare name servers in Godaddy domain website.
We need to go to web domain seller site, In my case its the godaddy as mentioned before, its where the domain name was purchased.
In the domain DNS Records page we need to change the godaddy domain name servers to cloud flare name servers and save the settings.
Again in cloud flare site we need to check and verify the name servers. It will take about 24 hours or sooner for the name servers to update.
We need to do these changes in cloud flare settings, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Always Use HTTPS instead of HTTP redirect and save the settings.
Next, In SSL TLS page we can either select the flexible or Full SSL encryption mode, whichever works better for you.
Now we can refresh the website domain and confirm the HTTPS along with the padlock before the website domain name.
And done succesfully, you can see the connection is secure with HTTPS along with the padlock in our wordpress website domain name.
And we are done with this tutorial video.
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