Create and setup Facebook Pixel in Weebly site

In this video you can learn, how to setup facebook pixel in your weebly site.
Step 1:
Lets get started with the process, we need to go to business dot facebook dot com site first. We can login with our facebook profile login details.
Facebook pixel helps in re-targeting your audience to increase more sales.
Next we need to click this More Tools tab and again click we need to click this Ads manager tab.
Next we need to click events manager icon or tab and we need to click this Green icon to Connect Data Sources here.
In this pop-up window we can connect a new data source here.
Here we can either select the web, if we need to connect data source in website share activity that occurs on our site page or content view, add to cart event or any purchases event that happen on the site.
Or connect our App to share activity like app downloads, installs and purchases or the offline option.
We will select the website option here as we need to setup pixel in website.
Next in this pop-up window, we can name our facebook pixel that we are setting up here.
We an add our website or webstore which is option in this field and continue to setup pixel code.
And we are done setting up the facebook pixel code in facebook.
Step 2:
So next step is to add this facebook pixels in weebly site.
We need to go to our weebly website, select the site if we have more than one site in our weebly account and click edit button here.
Next we need to click the settings tab on the top menu. And again we need to select the SEO tab on the left.
Next we need to paste the facebook pixel code here in this header box or in the footer box and we are done. We need to save the changes and publish weebly site.
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