How to upload and publish videos to facebook pages with facebook creator studio

In this video tutorial, you can learn to upload and publish videos to facebook pages with facebook creator studio.
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First, we need to log into our facebook profile and next, We need to go to facebook dot com slash creator studio site.
Next, We need to click create this post button and again from the drop down menu we need to click videos tab.
Or, we can Click upload video button here in the right side of the page and next, click and select single video tab as we are uploading one video.
Next, we need to select video from our computer to upload it. Next, you can select the page in which you wish to upload the video.
Next we can add other features here. We can tag people on facebook to the uploaded video post, add emojis to the video post, choose location if we need to or tag a product or even a messenger chat button.
Next, we can add keyword tags to the video so that it can be indexed for search on facebook. And again, click next button to continue.
Next, we can publish the video right now or we can premiere the uploaded video on a specified date and time. or we can select schedule tab and schedule it by selecting a post date and the time of our choice.
we can again back date the uploaded video with this option to a date in the past, select the year, the month and as well as the date. or we can save the video post as as a draft and publish it later.
Next, We can choose publishing options like the news feed, watch display or embeding feature as well.
Here we can add our video to our playlist, if we have one created or we can create a new playlist and add it.
We add a button below the video to raise funds by selecting a non profit charity page on facebook.
We can also associate this video uploaded to other pages if we wish to crosspost it, later to the other pages.
And finally, click publish button to publish the video to your facebook page. You can view all the posts published including video post in content library. And here it is, the video has been published.
We can scroll down bottom and click the pages tab and again select the page to view it in facebook page timeline feed. And here it is our published video post.
And done, with this tutorial video, if any comment or any question you can ask in comment section.
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