How to setup Youtube watermark branding image to youtube video in Youtube Studio 2020

In this video you can learn how to brand your youtube videos with watermark image on the right hand bottom corner.Adding youtube brand image to your videos on youtube helps in improving brand awareness and the chances of your youtube channel being subscribed and videos watched again and again.
Steps to add watermark brand image:
Log into your youtube channel first.
Next you need to click channel icon and
Next click youtube studio tab on this page.
Next click the settings tab in the left of the page.
Next, in pop-up window click channel tab, and next you need to click branding tab.
Here we can add branding image, we can add branding image with 150px and 150px width and height, with png or gif format, transparent images is preferred, with maximum of 1MB size.
We can add the watermark image in the end of the video, or custom time we can add here or we can add the watermark image in the entire video.
And finally save changes. We can view how the brand image is visible in our video in youtube channel.
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