How to create poll on facebook page

In this video you can learn to create poll on facebook page which are not possible from within facebook page. so lets get started with the process.
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Lets go to our facebook page and next create a post that involves a poll, but the option of creating a poll is removed here inside facebook dot com site. We need to head to facebook creator studio site, find link in description section too.
So, we need to click the publishing tools option. here we need to again click create post to create poll. or we can go directly to facebook creator studio and create the poll.
We can enter the poll question here and next select this three dotted more option and next, select the poll icon.
Facebook has removed the multiple option poll, instead has only two option poll. We can enter our two poll option and select how long we want the poll to exist, one day one week or forever.
We can share it immediately or schedule it later on a specific date you wish on your facebook page. Lets publish the poll right away and view it on our facebook page.
and done this is how poll will look like to facebook users. they can select one of the two options.
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