How to create facebook page custom URL

In this video, we will learn how to create facebook page custom URL.
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First, we need to Log into our facebook account and visit facebook page to which we need to create custom URL.
Next, You can see here the default facebook url assigned has the facebook page name along with string of numbers and characters.
This default url does not look professional to share on other social media sites or on your business site or promote your brand.
So, we can change it to the preferred custom url with our custom name or company name or brand or business or activity.
Here, right below the timeline cover and beside the profile name we can click this @username link to change the username of our choice.
It which will become apart of our custom facebook page URLgiving us a professional looking facebook page URL.
Next, in the pop-up window, we can enter the username that we prefer here and verify if it available and save the changes.
And you can see here the username beside the profile picture of facebook has been changed promptly.
We can refresh the page and confirm the same change. And done, the custom URL has been created successfully.
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