How to activate facebook new design feature released recently

In this video you can learn how to activate facebook new design feature released recently.
Having logged into your facebook profile, click this down pointing arrow in the top bar.
Next, from the drop down menu, click switch to new facebook tab.
You can see here some of the benefits of the new design update like.Cuts down the glare with the dark mode.
Fast loading and simpler layout removing the clutter around the page along with the fonts and text visible clearer and spacious.
And next, we can choose the layout look bright white background or the dark and we can change this settings later too.
We can switch to classic facebook in the same manner we swiched to the new design here. And we can switch to dark more and back with this button.
Lets look at the facebook profile timeline. the layout looks larger, simple and spacier compared to the older classic design.
The icons on the top bar are arranged on the basis of utility and accessibility.
Switching between the profile timeline and facebook main feed is very simple and instantly changeable.
On a whole the new facebook design is quite impressive and time saver as well as quicker loading time.
With this we have come to the end of this tutorial.
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