Send Payment Request From Paypal To Customers

You can learn how to send paypal payment request to your customers for services rendered or goods sold to them.
First having logged into our paypal account, we need to click we need to click this Request Payment icon on this paypal summary page.
We can send payment request to maximum of 20 customers at a time.
Even though they do not have a paypal account, we can send them request for payment from within paypal account.
All we need to know is their email address or their mobile number to request payment.
Lets continue with the video process, We can enter the email address of the customers here.
If that email account is associated with any paypal account, It will be visible here in your paypal account, we can select it and send request for payment.
And the second customer`s email account is not associated with any paypal account, yet we can send the payment request.
Next, we need to add the payment we requesting from the customers, we can select the currency in which we want the payment here.
When we request payment from two or more persons at a time, the only draw back is the same payment amount and same currency type is sent to all, as there is no individual payment amount option here.
We can send payment request individually to customers to recieve payments in different amounts and different currency.
With this we have come to the end of this tutorial, If you have any questions or comments please leave it in the comment box below.
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