Work from home and earn money online

In this video I will show you how you can earn money with amazon micro job site. You need to perform simple tasks to earn money.
So lets get started with the video process. Here on this page you can see two options Task Creator and Make Money as a worker.
Task creator are for those who use amazon turk site to create tasks or job to perform for workers.
So we need to click here as a worker and register on the site.
We can login with our existing amazon login details or create a new amazon account.
Now this is how the amazon M-Turk site will look, where you can see all the jobs under HIT which means Human Intelligence Task.
You can see various jobs tasks that have been added by verious companies that need these tasks performed.
The number of tasks that are available to be performed and how much money can be earn by performing each task here.
You can preview the task and verify if you can perform the task and only then you need to accept the task.
If you are not sure or don`t have any knowledge of a particular task, you need not accept it. Look for other tasks that you can perform.
You are Task performance success rate is responsible to get you more job oppurtunity on this site. The less the success rate, you will lose options to perform tasks.
So always select and accept only those tasks that you can perform.
Once you accept and perform the task, you can see the task earnings being added to your current earning balance.
You can see here, my tasks approved number and rate of approval and tasks pending and tasks that have been rejected and as well as my task rejection rate.
And this is the total earning that I have made on my M-Turk site.
You have two option to get your earnings on amazon M-Turk site and the payment frequency or the number of days when the money needs to be transferred.
Either as a gift card balance in your amazon site or Trasfer to bank account, which you need to add in all the details here.
If you are not from within USA you can to open a American Checkin bank account with payoneer and add here or with Hyper Wallet site here.
With this we have come to the end of this video tutorial.
If you have any questions or comments you can leave it in the comment section.
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