How to change the password for the business email from our cpanel 2020

We can change the password for the business email from our CPanel if for some reason, we forgot to save it for future reference or we feel the password has been compromised or email account has been hacked.
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Let me walk you through step by step into the process. In our go-daddy account, we need to click manage under web hosting section and again we need to click CPanel admin tab.
Next in c panel settings page, we need to scroll down to email section and click Email accounts option.
And on this email setup page, we can see we have couple of website emails created already.
To change the password, We need to click the manage button here and in the next page here we can change the password by generating new one or type it on our own and update the changes.
And done changing the email account password in Godaddy CPanel.
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